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Weather Widget Desktop is a convenient app that brings you all the essential weather information right to your desktop. With its stylish and customizable interface, this widget is a great addition to any Mac desktop.

Featuring a sleek design, Weather Widget Desktop allows you to display weather information for multiple locations. You can easily resize the widget to fit your preferences and adjust its opacity to seamlessly blend with your desktop background. Additionally, you can set a "hot corner" to quickly access the widget whenever you need it.

Whether you prefer metric or imperial measuring units, Weather Widget Desktop has got you covered. You can choose your preferred unit system and even set the widget to start automatically upon login. For quick access, a small amount of weather information is also displayed in the menubar.

With Weather Widget Desktop, you'll always have the weather at your fingertips. Although the refresh times for weather data may not be real-time, this app provides you with all the essential information you need, including current temperature, in a visually appealing format.

Stay informed about the weather conditions in your area with Weather Widget Desktop. Download now and enjoy the convenience of having accurate weather information right on your desktop.

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